Remote Optical Circuits Knowledge

The ROCK project is an NSF funded project that aims to create remotely-controlled optical circuits laboratory experiments. We expect this project to help introduce hands-on laboratory for distance education.

A group of faculty from three universities is joining effort to develop this challenging research project (Dr. Driss Benhaddou (University of Houston – UH), Dr. Deniz Gurkan (UH), Dr. Alan Mickelson (Colorado University Boulder – CU), Dr. Frank Barnes (CU), Dr. Zhonqi Pan (University of Louisiana Lafayette). Recently Dr. Phyllis R. Nelson, Dr. Ertan Salik, R. Frank Smith from CalPoly Pomona are joining the efforts to this project.

Laboratory resources are being developed at both the university of Colorado and the university of Houston. Future implementations will be developed at the collaborating universities.

We are currently offering these courses at the engineering technology department at the University of Houston and the electrical and computer engineering department at CU. A major component of our work will be outcome assessment and the continuous improvement model that will be used to adapt the laboratories to provide an effective hands-on experience to the students in different setting.