The labs presented in this section focus primarily on research and usually are funded through government or company grants. These labs usually have one or more faculty members who are responsible for the lab activities. If you would like further information about the activities or opportunities associated with a lab, then it is advisable to contact a faculty member who is involved with the lab.

  • AT&T Technology Lab – The UH ATT Technology Lab is the result of more than two years of collaboration between the University of Houston and AT&T in the areas of telecommunications, networks, and education.
  • The Biomedical Imaging Lab at the University of Houston fosters research in the areas of Computational Biomedicine, Biomedical Imaging, and Mobile Health. Specific emphasis is given on the interplay between biosignals and information processing in the brain. Another line of research focuses on the development of Point-of-Care and Mobile Health Diagnostic Technologies.
  • Instructional Support Services Lab – To enhance the quality of learning and instruction for students and faculty of online and traditional courses through the effective application of student resources, information technologies, and instructional support.
  • Intelligent Sensor Grid and Informatics Lab – Covers numerous topics related to intelligent sensor grids and biomedical informatics.
  • Networking Lab – This is an applied research laboratory in the Department of Engineering Technology. Our research is on distributed systems interconnecting networked applications. We are funded by industry and federal research grants. Instrumentation and measurement systems, software-defined networking (SDN) and applications, network security, cloud-based networking, sensor networks, and information technology systems are the main areas of research. Research assistantship positions are available, please contact Dr. Gurkan at
  • Remote Optical Circuits Lab – The ROCK project is an NSF funded project that aims to create remotely-controlled optical circuits laboratory experiments. It is expected to help introduce a hands-on laboratory for distance education.
  • Sustainable Energy Conversion and Storage┬áLab
  • Wireless and Optical Networking Lab – Has set up state-of-the-art networking platforms within the College of Technology buildings and other buildings on campus.