Welcome to the Center for Technology Literacy

The Center for Technology Literacy (CTL) is housed within the University of Houston’s College of Technology. Our charter is to help other organizations enhance the literacy of their members in various fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Currently, the CTL has the following active programs:

 Recent Funding

    • NASA Johnson Space Center, Spring 2006, F. Attarzadeh, J. Yuan, R. Pascali, E. Barbieri, V. Gallardo, and T. Mikle, CORE: Coordination Of Robotics Education ($20K).
    • University of Houston FDIP B, “Hybrid Orientation Program for Instructional Excellence – Targeting Teaching Assistants/Fellows and Part-Time Faculty”, E. Barbieri, M. Moges, V. Gallardo (Engineering Technology) and C. Ramirez, A. Boggiano (Modern & Classical Languages), $25K, 2006-07.
    • Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration, “Center for Technology Literacy: An Upward Mobility Strategy for Economic Growth”, E. Barbieri, S. Lee, L. Song, $293,550 (plus $295K matching), 7/07-6/10.
    • NASA Johnson Space Center, Fall 2009, E. Barbieri, F. Attarzadeh, and K. Cohen, CORE: Coordination Of Robotics Education ($28K).


CORE was founded to promote robotics as a tool to motivate students to study Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields throughout their education and to pursue STEM related careers. This mission is accomplished through workshops, competitions and special events. more…


Employee development is a critical issue for any industry. Through a $293,550 grant awarded by the Economic Development Administration (EDA) of the Department of Commerce, the University of Houston’s College of Technology will have an opportunity to work with Greater Houston area industries interested in strengthening their most valuable asset – people. more…