Governor’s Science and Technology Champions Academy


**See Updates Below from the GSTCA Leadership Team**

Welcome to Houston!

What is the Governor’s Champions Academy?


The Governor’s Science and Technology Champions Academy (GSTCA) is a week long, residential, STEM camp sponsored by Governor Rick Perry and the Texas Workforce Commission.

Who will attend the 2014 Champions Academy?

Fifty (50) eligible winners from the ExxonMobil Texas Science and Engineering Fair (EMTSEF) will be selected to attend the Champions Academy, all expenses paid.

When will the camp be held and where?

The camp will be held June 16-20, 2014 at the University of Houston, in Houston, Texas.

What is the theme this year?

This year we’re all about Energy, Entrepreneurs and Education.

How do I apply?

Winners from the EMTSEF will receive a medal during the awards ceremony at the EMTSEF.  Shortly after EMTSEF, 1st and 2nd place winners will receive a Certificate and Application Packet in the mail from the Governor’s Office.  Winners must complete the application process to be considered for the Academy.  The deadline for Applications for 1st and 2nd place winners is 1:00 p.m. Wednesday, April 9, 2014.  Applications may be faxed to our secure fax line, 713-743-9619.  If all 50 slots are not filled from 1st and 2nd place winners, applications will be mailed to 3rd place winners.  If slots at GSTCA remain after the 3rd place winners  application round, then applications will be sent to 4th and then 5th place winners in application rounds.   Following review of applications to determine whether they meet eligibility requirements,  students will be notified of their acceptance status via the email address listed on the Application.   Slots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Updates from the Governor’s Academy Leadership Team:

5/14/2014: ALMOST FULL!

We have 48 slots filled for the camp. Everyone that has been registered into the camp has been sent a confirmation email. If you applied and have not received this email contact us immediately at We expect to fill those last 2 spots any day now. 


Many of you requested to room with particular people at the camp. If you didn’t put that in your application, but now want to room with someone in particular, please email us pronto!  When requesting roommates, remember its 2 to a Room each with twin beds, 2 Rooms make up a Suite  which means 4 will be people sharing a bath in each Suite.  Suites are either all guys or all girls.

5/14/2014:  WHAT TO PACK?

  • Comfortable walking shoes for general travel and wear
  • Closed toed shoes for work in laboratories ( we will provide safety garment or aprons and safety goggles or glasses)
  • Trash bag for dirty clothes
  • Flashlight
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Umbrella (shade/rain)
  • Bug spray
  • Toiletries (toothbrush/toothpaste/shampoo/deodorant, soap, etc)
  • Light Clothing for very hot weather/no bare midriffs, or sagging pants
  • No Clothing Branding (such as Monster, Concert shirts, etc) due to photos that will be taken and videos that will be shot. 
  • A light jacket or sweater (cool front not likely, but possible)
  • There is a Mini-Fridge located in each Dorm…if you choose to bring food/snacks, make sure you have a sealed container (don’t want any unwanted visitors like ants)Notebook, pen.
  • Laptops and/or tablets are not necessary but may be brought.  We will provide computer workstations and printers for project work in evenings.   Anyone bringing their laptop should understand that it is their sole responsibility to keep it safe.  We are not liable for any loss or damage to any electronics brought to the Governor’s Academy.
  • Cell phone (same loss/damage policy as for laptops).

5/14/2014:  Upon Registration at the Camp:

Students will receive camp t-shirt, backpack, water bottle, name tag neck wallet, and the camp program book, among other goodies.

Questions: If you have a question, please email us at