Refereed Journal Papers Published /Accepted

(* refereed publication; ** student author)

  1. **Givmanesh., A., *Iyer, R. (2011) “Enhancing Bioreactor Functionality in Bio- Processing Courses”, Computers in Education Journal, Vol 2, (4), 2-12.
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Conference Papers

(**student author)

  1. **Givmanesh, A., Iyer, R., Smith K. (2011) “Enhancing Bioreactor Functionality in Bio- Processing Courses”, Proceedings of the 2011 ASEE Gulf—Southwest Annual Conference, Houston, TX.
  2. **Givmanesh, A., Iyer, R., Benhaddou, D. (2011) “Integrated Remote Management for Bioprocessing Experiments” Proceedings of the 2011 ASEE International Conference, Hartford, CT.
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Published Books

  1. Iyer, R.S., and Pinson, D. L., (2004), “Laboratory exercises in Microbiology” 2nd Edition. Heritage Publishing Company. Wharton, TX.
  2. Jeffery, J. Raun, K., Glenn, D., Partlow, N., Gadkari, P., Iyer, R.S., Walker, D., Pinson; D. Dees, K., (2001), “Laboratory Manual for General Biology” Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, Dubuque, IA.
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Published Book Chapter

  1. Iyer, R., (2009), “An Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Biotechnology Program at the University of Houston”, chapter published, 2009, Best Practices in Biotechnology Education. Editor Yali Freidman, pg 183 -194.

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